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April 26th, 2010

Internet Statistics for use at dinner parties

Although this blog is mostly about how to  make a website, we’ve occasionally published interesting Internet facts and statistics in our web stats channel here on the WebEden blog.

This is for no other reason than we love to be wowed by ‘how big’, ‘how much, ‘how high’ numbers when it comes to the Internet. And of course we all like to fact-boast and appear knowledgeable at dinner parties, right? OK, maybe I should get out more.

Here’s some more stats, this time describing who uses the Internet, and how. Here we go:

*Unsurprisingly, Internet use is on the rise, accessed ‘several times a day’ by 27% of people in 2005 and 38% in 2010.
*Excatly the same percentage of men use it as women – 74%.
*Older people use the Internet less: 93% of 18-29 year olds use it; just 38% of 65 and up do so. 65 is where the drop off comes – 70% of 50 – 64 year olds are online.
*Income level of broadband users are much higher than non-broadband users.
*Internet users are more likely to be graduates (94% of them are online) rather than a  high school leaver (39% of whom are online.
*58% of Internet users make use of a desktop rather than a laptop.
*Bloggers tend to be 25 – 44 – just 7% of those less than 25 do it.
*54% of bloggers think they are ‘experts’. Ahem.
*Norway is the highest percetage of its population online.
*Japan has the fastest Internet connections

It’s all summed up in this great info graphic from focus.com

Never again will you be stuck for something to say as the soup is being served. Anyone want to sit by me?

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